Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Update notice, request for help

I'm still not happy with the new design so I may be making some small and some big changes in the coming days. One of the ideas I'm fixated on right now is removing links in favor of a dedicated page of links. I don't currently link to all the blogs I read, and there are some good ones out there I feel obligated to link to. Also, I really want to expand the link section as I expand on the topics I blog about. If any of the regular readers have an objection to that idea, now's the the time to log it.

If any of you have an custom tips and experience customizing Blogger templates, I'd appreciate your input. I want to widen the "play area" in this template, but right now it appears I'm locked into their table widths. Is it possible to totally customize a template without paying for an upgrade? What's total number of pixels I have to play with? How do I post photos in the play area without Blogger adding those funky thick table borders? Your advice is very welcome.

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