Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Christian Carnival LXXIV

The 74th Christian Carnival has been posted at In the Spirit of grace. The Christian Carnival is a volunteered collection of posts aggregated each week by a regular member. It's a great way to get around the blog and find new Christian writers who may not be familiar to you. For submission information, check out this site here.

Some of the works that have interested me:

Sven from World of Sven has been working through the book of Mark, which must be the official blogger's choice. I've seen a lot of web preaching out of Mark lately. Sven looks at Mark 2:18-21. His emphasis on the Kingdom of God as part of Jesus' ministry suits me.

David at All Kinds of Time posted some thoughts on being single and content. These are the kinds of things I taught my college and career group years ago. We called it Purposeful Singleness. For whatever reason, men buy into this position of the heart much quicker than women.

Brad at Broken Messenger talks about the separation of sheeps and goats in Matt 25:31-46. It's an excellent look at who God considers righteous, and how those who think they are righteous can miss the message of the ministry of Jesus.

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