Friday, June 03, 2005

My playlist

I got my new iBook today, so in honor of my return to Mac flava, here's my music playlist. Someone notify iTunes.

1. Battle of Who Could Care Less, Ben Folds Five: "Fine pewter portraits of General Apathy and Major Boredom, Singing whatever and ever amen ..." I knew this guy in college. I've been a fan of BFF for years now. Broke my heart they broke up, but they were awash in their own irony at the end. And Ben, I do give a darn about "piano rock," at least the way you play it.

2. Snap Crackle Pop, John Scofield: Great song off of a great album (Uberjam). Scofield's had the most elegant guitar sound of any player the last 20 years. Adam Deitch is an uberdrummer. Cool guy, too. Even responds to e-mail.

3. Thank You For the Cross, Brenton Brown: Vineyard's Holy is one of my all-time favorite worship albums. My hope is this song is the current direction of VMG. It's modern and the lyrics express a theology many people accuse the Vineyard of not having. The humility ... I can't think of a better way to enter into God's presence.

4. Surrender, Marc James: One of the Vineyard's best examples of intimacy, the title of this song sums up my theology in one word. This song brings me to tears. Or maybe it's the Holy Spirit recognizing my heart's cry.

5. Children's Song #6, Chick Corea: The greatest keyboardist on the planet. This song reveals the immeasurable depth of Corea's writing. Corea should be banned from electronics and forced to play and write acoustic the rest of his life.

6. Baio Baio, John Patitucci: Call me a jazz heretic for picking something off one of Patitucci's electric albums. I don't care. This song soars with Vinnie Colaiuta's blazing bastardzation of a popular Carribean rhythm. Colaiuta, Patitucci and Corea make up an amazing team.

7. Techno, John Scofield: It's an unknown opening track off a forgotten Scofield album in the early 80s. Omar Hakim kills on the outro! Hakim is probably the most underrated drummer of his era. I wish he'd dump the Madonna live band, stop pretending to be a band leader, and get out there and PLAY again.

8. Nothing Personal, Karizma: Vinnie shredding over a piano vamp. It will take your breath away (and make you want to quit playing the drums).

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