Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Quick thoughts for Tuesday

First, Brad at Broken Messenger has put together a host of essays, responses, and personal revelations the past three or four days that speak from the heart. Instead of picking one and highlighting it, I encourage you to go to his site and fish around. Some of it can be heavy lifting, but all of his writing is based in renewal of the heart. It's worth the visit.

I hate to sully this with a political post, but I am astounded by the guts of California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. He is calling for a ballot initiative that would force unions to seek written permission from union members before fees are donated (carte blanche) to political groups (which would be almost exclusively Democrats). The governor is basically saying he has so much faith in his clout with the public, he doesn't care national unions will likely pour tens of millions of dollars into oppugnant advertising aimed squarely at his head. He is either a bold leader or green politician. I say both.

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