Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Q&A with The Gad(d)about

The Gad(d)about, the author of this blog, took some time out of his hectic globe-trotting schedule to sit down with us for an exclusive interview:

So what's with the goofy name?

Interview over.

No, seriously, the name doesn't offer much of a clue to the Christian content for this site. Why'd you choose it?

Orginally the name of the blog was the Young Curmudgeon, which is the title under which my column runs in the newspaper. Apparently there are about 50 Curmudgeon-titled bloggers out there. I know, because readers of all 50 of those blogs sent me e-mails about it. There's even a Knitting Curmdgeon. I don't think any curmudgeon should be allowed access to sharp objects. I decided I wasn't very young anymore, anyway, so I changed the name to a moniker hundreds -- perhaps several hundreds -- of vacant-brained posters knew me as the previous 10 years on AOL and on various Internet message boards.

I took the name in 1995 on AOL as an homage to my favorite drummer, Steve Gadd. I also like the term "gadabout." It properly identifies my gregarious and unassuming personality. I want people to know I'm intently looking for things to agree on, not disagree, unless it crosses my core faith. For the purposes of this blog, it refers to the broad nature of intended content -- I literally intend to "get about" many topics. While I've been blogging a lot about theology as of late, I refuse to limit myself to theology. I'm not of this world, but I still live in it. I should be allowed to pick it apart without pause, just like any other crank with access to his own publishing tools.

Should drummers be allowed to blog about theology?

Christians have been helping elect actors to high political office for years. They helped put Schwarzenegger, who is not a Christian and not even born under the American flag, to become Governor of the wealthiest state in the Union. If Hollywood actors can speak the language of Christian politics, some without expressing a faith, I see no reason why a drummer can't write about the Bible and his faith.

What kinds of things might draw your ire?

Hypocrisy. Christians who are mediocre about the plain things of the Gospel. Any distortion of the traditional Gospel message. Journalists who seek visibility over credibility. Phil Collins. Men who cheat/beat their wives/children. People who get their political science education on talk radio and then blog about politics like they're George Bleepin' Will. People who think there's a leftist conspiracy among the mainstream media. People who affirm the norm without an ounce of critical thinking. A lack of love, grace, and/or charity.

Um ... Phil Collins? Where's the love, grace, and/or charity in that comment?

Drummers are just fine to blog about theology, but in no way should they have solo careers. Except Dave Grohl. He doesn't take himself seriously, so he's fine. Other than Grohl, I can't think of another drummer dating back to a century of the modern drum set who put acceptable music on the market. OK, Tony Williams' Lifetime was technically amazing, but he stopped swinging in that era. We lost many years of great swing for an experiment that was about 10 years before its time. Phil Collins ... he should've stuck with Genesis. Instead, he gave us the single iconic image for the bad music decade that was the 80s. Now he's the face of boring 30-something radio everywhere. His music gives me gas. It's that age-old question: What's the last thing a drummer says in a band?

We give up. What's the last thing a drummer says in a band?

"Hey guys, let's try one of my songs."

What's the last thing a drummer says in an interview?

We'll never know as long as there are lead singers and lead guitarists hogging all the press and attention.

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