Monday, June 13, 2005

Big Blogdoms

Adrian Warnock's got some kind of big news stashed away and he wants us "God Bloggers" to refer to it so everyone gets the pre-announcement from the source. It has something to do with the convergence of aggregators. So before reading the rest of my innane and pointless banter, point your browsers here and get the pre-announcement from the mouth of the UK's leading Christian blogger.

I can't honestly tell you what an aggregator is. I think I belong to one of those Adrian mentions, but I joined on my first day in the blogdomverse and stumbled through a variety of applications that, to this day, I still don't have an idea their purpose. I could've applied for several credit cards, dual citizenship in Bolivia, and ordainment in the First Church of the Holy Cow (scene of a great moo-vement of God) for all I know. I imagine there's some guy named El NĂ³mada wandering South America, preaching a false Gospel, suffering from my bad credit.

Maybe I'm confusing aggregation with aggravation.

Whatever. If Adrian's involved, I'm sure it's going to be a really cool thing, so stay alert. My hope: Adrian announces the formation of the Council of God Bloggers, and the inclusion of light sabers for members of the council. That way they can go around slicing up comment spammers and mediating theology wars.

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