Saturday, June 11, 2005


(The wife is still asleep, so I am rewarded with another opportunity to waste more bandwidth)

I don't do awards, but I hereby proclaim gadfly Calvinist Phillip Johnson as the Rush Limbaugh of the theoblogosphere: I think he's going to really put "God blogging" on the map.

Johnson, a.k.a PyroManiac, is much more qualified to speak on issues of theology than Limbaugh is on politics (or the NFL - gasp), but Johnson shares a curmudgeonly verve that I find appealing. To his credit and to the credit of Calvinists everywhere, he seems as graceful as he is knowledgeable.

I'll probably end up as PyroManiac flambe' one of these days for being a little more patient with the "appalling" Emergent Church than I should, or for my appreciation of Michael Spencer at IMonk (who is among those "irritating" Johnson at the Boar's Head Tavern), but I won't hold a grudge. It's hard to be bitter at a man with such fine taste in fashion.

And just a warning to those wayward RCC apologists who might get caught-up in a tag-team debate with Johnson and James R. White: Beware. We're talking Fabulous Kangaroos scary.

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