Thursday, June 30, 2005

The identity of the anti-Christ revealed

Life's complications have kept me from blogging with any real effort this week, but I wanted to drop a quick complaint to the peanut gallery.

I would like to join the ranks of people who are tired of hearing others talk about the Left Behind series. I'm glad people have found some kind of renewed interest in the things of God. However, let's not put undue emphasis on things that do not transform us in this age. This is so reminiscent of the 70s "end-times" prophecy crazy, when everybody had a prophetic chart and spent countless hours trying to figure out which modern world leader was the anti-Christ.

This is not to say I think eschatalogy is unimportant. I think it's important to know that Jesus will return someday -- perhaps as soon as right now -- and we will all stand before God and be judged. That is about the extent of my eschatology. Apologies to those who have pursued degrees and even careers in this field of study. As long as you are bringing people back to the Cross, I support your work.

What I find totally fruitless is the pursuit of the human identity of the anti-Christ. I've got news for you: If you reject Christ and His atonement on the Cross, if you do not believe through Christ is the only path to heaven, you are walking in the spirit of the anti-Christ. Our unrepentant sin, our God-offending flesh, our wandering hearts and minds, are the manifestation of the human identity of the anti-Christ.

You want the details on the global conspiracy? How about a cosmic conspiracy? An angel some unknown time in the past attempted to overthrow God by corrupting His angels. They were cast out of heaven and have been plotting against God and His people ever since. Know what? Their futures have already been decided. The fix is in. The rebellious angels have already lost, and we are suffering through 2,000 years of "garbage time," like so many Super Bowl second halfs.

While the details of eschatology may titillate, the above message is all we really need to know and understand. There's no need to build the cabin in the remote mountain and stock it with black-market artillery and 40 years' worth of canned foods. My suggestion: Hope Jesus comes today, but plan as if He's not coming back for five years.

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