Saturday, June 25, 2005

Redesign done for now

Attempts at something different were not acceptable, so I went with something basic for now. I hope this sets this blog apart. I realize the white space is blinding, but at least I have some play area as I begin to incorporate photos in this area. I'm working on something unusual, so this may get dumped again. We'll see.

You'll notice all the blog links are gone in favor of a permalink. The reason is I'm about to grow the links beyond reasonable length. I felt I wasn't going to do anyone justice, and everyone's link was going to get list. I wanted a way to distinguish my select links and why I read them.

Thanks for your tips and opinions. I hope this grows into a place where discussion is welcome for many points of view and people are comfortable with their words. I want the design to reflect that. For now, let's just hope it's presentable.

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