Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Top 10 signs you are a blog addict

I am not a professional Top 10 list writer, but occasionally one slips out. Here's one to keep around:

10. You know at least five different words or phrases to describe all the blogs on the planet.
9. You can't remember your child's name, but you have total recall of your entire blog roll.
8. You've ever taken a sick day from work so you can update your blog (this requires altering the time log so your boss doesn't know you're actually wasting time when you said you were on your death bed).
7. You've ever experienced "blog anxiety" when you are away from a computer for too long.
6. You actually become upset with a blogger because they haven't updated their site in several days, and you are hopelessly addicted to anything they write.
5. You've ever complained about journalism accuracy or ethics, and then linked to a news site with which you have zero familiarity.
4. Your spouse refers to you by your blogging moniker, because you've unconciously stopped responding to the name your parents gave you.
3. You have thousands of "friends" you trust with your most intimate thoughts, but you would not trust them with your children.
2. Your spouse no longer complains about you eating in front of the television. They now beg you to clean up the empty convenience store cups, dirty dishes, and food wrappers that are now drawing ants around the computer.
1. You own this shirt.

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