Monday, August 22, 2005

An idea to promote God bloggers

I'm staggered. Day's not over yet (with about 3.5 hours to go), and the college football site I just put up this morning has over 460 unique visitors and over 700 page views. Because my first college football post linked to this site, traffic for The Gad(d)about has doubled to about 85 (so far).

A couple of observations:

- The college football site's not going to maintain this kind of traffic. If I keep 1/4th of it I'll be happy.

- I'm under no delusions The Gad(d)about is a Gospel outreach. I'm pretty glib here. I should blog more about the Gospel, but I'm a writer, not a preacher. I generally (write) to the choir. I'm an exhorter. I'm not an evangelist in the capital 'E' manner of the word.

The real principle dawning on me here is how blogging about things that are more relevant to the world can bring people into your God blogging site. For example, if people trust what you have to say on something immediately important to them, you might also gain their trust on spiritual matters.

If you have a hobby or other interest (preferably one that doesn't include politics), I encourage you to set it up and start driving traffic to it. Create a link back to your other blog. Wait and see what happens!

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