Friday, August 26, 2005

Promising new blog

My friend John Boy has taken up my advice and launched a new blog, aptly titled John Boy's Blog. John is one of the few people I've met whom I believe uses both sides of his brain. His capacity for critical thinking, deep thinking, and communicating these ideas to the IQ 80 crowd (of which I am a long-standing member) reveal someone who probably should have been writing books. He's also an artist and a decent photographer. All of this is balanced by a wicked sense of irony.

John's understanding of theology is impressive, but his heart for God and for service to His people is his calling card. He once opened his home to me for 7 months and never asked for a dime for rent or food. While I feel a debt to him, he has never once requested anything in return. This the kind of guy he is.

I'm excited, not only because my friend is online, but now I get to share him with the world!

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