Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Gad(d)about the Theogosphere, redux

Sam Pierce, wife of Parableman's Jeremy, wrote an impressive response to someone who asked her why she thought God gave her two autistic children. No emotional responses here, although I'm not ashamed to think a toasty flame for the person asking the question was probably deserved.

The nuts and bolts of Sam's reasoning can be summed up with this attitude assessment:
How often do you hear someone speculate about why God allowed them to wake up in the morning? Or why God gave them a roof over their head? Or provided them with good health and daily sustenance? Just about never. Why? Because we consider these things to be our due. If we were a little less self centered I think we'd realise that we don't deserve any of the good in our lives.
Consider me humbled.

Scot McKnight at the Jesus Creed lists 10 books on eschatology as a balance to the dispensationalism premillennialism of the Left Behind books. (HT: Bob at Mr. Standfast) McKnight gets extra points in my book for mentioning George Eldon Ladd's The Blessed Hope.

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