Wednesday, August 10, 2005

A request and some other things

I really want to use the traffic at Adrian's site to highlight some strong bloggers in need of some attention. Adrian has been gracious in allowing me to do this, and I know his heart has been in widening the sphere of influence for Christian blogs. As much as I get around, my traveling circle is not very big. If you know of a worthy blogger who has gone unnoticed, or if you see a strong single posting, either post the blog address here or send me an e-mail. It would also be fine if you are proud of something you've written (within the last couple days) and just want to draw my attention to it.

It's both impressive and daunting looking at the kind of traffic one link from a high-profile blog can send your way. For example, I've been caught up Phillip Johnson's BlogSpotting posts four times in a row now. Every day that happens, my referral links are almost solidly from his site. I'm not shamelessly mentioning him to get promoted -- I truly do find him a strong voice that deserves attention -- but I've learned to expect quite a few new visitors when I do. Whenever the daily visit number tops 50, I get a little frustrated that I haven't spent some time fashioning better content. It's moments like that when I better empathize with my wife, who tends to become a bit manic when we have company dropping by: the place is never clean enough.

On an entirely different note, if anyone thinks they are experts at putting together a resume, I could really use some help ...

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