Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Blogging training camp

August, in the American timetable, is a time for football to start it's month-long gearing up for the regular season. It's a time for the veterans to take it slow and maintain their health while the rookies show their worth.

Now that the PyroManiac is in a self-imposed study session, we can take a look at the future of blogging.

Adrian Warnock has not only built a considerable audience, he's found spare time to be a good father. Adrian's children, Tamasin and Henry Warnock, offered their father some thoughtful words for his site. Tamasin dabbled in alliteration while stating some lofty and honorable goals for an 8-year-old. Henry showed a gift for metaphor:
My brother loves to play in the moon
It is foolish to read too much into a poem -- it's not very fair to the poet -- but we like the imagery, nonetheless. These two up-and-comers should be closely watched as they follow in their father's giant footsteps.

Speaking of fatherhood, Jared at Shizuka Garden draws an important parallel between the trust we gain in our relationships and our ability to relate to others the need to trust in God. Jared is obviously not a rookie. He's a seasoned veteran. He's apparently putting in some overtime, as the great ones do. This is why Dan at Cerulean Sanctum thinks of Jared as the WereBlogger.

Like a growing number of American athletes, my blogging friend John of Lake Neuron sees greater blessing overseas. He has been commissioned by his church and is preparing to leave for a mission trip to Kenya. Your prayers are requested. John needs to return home safely to his high-paying, eternally important job as a contributing editor for this Evangelical magazine.

That's it for this August camp report. Stay tuned for an update later this month.

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