Monday, August 08, 2005

Big Closet Music

My friend Eric Hasslacher has some samples of music at his website, Big Closet Music. Eric is a fantastic drummer, and his wife, Georgia, has a beautiful voice. The two songs he put up remind me of "Classic Vineyard" ballads. Very intimate lyrics and song style. They are classified as "projects in the work," so I'm guessing he does not view them as CD-ready. They sound fine by my ears, though, and reveal much promise for future work.

I've always meant to ask Eric about the name of his studio. I imagine that's what most home studios feel like -- a big closet. To be honest, having spent some time in various studios around Phoenix and LA, that's how most commercial studios feel, too. If you are claustrophobic, studio musician is not the career for year. Neither is sound engineer or music producer.

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