Thursday, March 09, 2006

Stewin' on the American melting pot

Any day now, liberals are going to come down from their minarets and decide we should build a tower.

Not just any tower, not gaudy like a Trump monstrosity, not cold like your average bank, and not your average 100-story monolith. No, they'll want to build a ziggurat into the heavens to serve as an ecumenical, humanity-pleasing center of agreement to worship however you want, whenever you want.

Sort of like a non-denominational universalist ATM and faith exchange.

The point will be to prove we have finally come together in peace, or at least prove that we can, so as to show the rest of the world that tolerance of each other is not enough. No, we need to embrace other's religions so it's one big entangled ball of twine. We could call it judeochristislamahinduism.

A better title would be Whateverism. You know, because that worked so well for Babylon.

Being glib is about the only way I can speak of liberal theologians today, because I can't understand them otherwise. The amalgamation of all their work seems to arrive at the conclusion that faith is an illogical attempt to answer the problem of evil, and nothing else. They are forced to turn their faith towards humanism, that there is something actually redeemable about us, something worthy of worship.

The very idea that a theologian would think his job is to explain away the miraculous from the Bible seems to me that he should no longer be allowed the title of theologian. That person is a debunker and a moralist and nothing else. I've always had a great deal of respect for the Amazing Randy -- at least he has the intellectual honesty to not refer to himself as a theologian.

Conservative theologians fight over each other while the liberals among us rob us of our birthright. While we debate over doctrines of baptism, liberals can put publish bogus theories that damage the credibility of the Gospel authors. Where is our response? Why are we not unified as a front against this kind of blatant attack of the enemy?

Because we are often at war with the wrong things, particularly secular culture. We are asleep at the wheel in defense of God's Word. We attack pagans for acting like, well, pagans. Big shock. Meanwhile, those who cloak themselves in the shadow of the Cross are allowed to deny the divinity of Christ. We write these wolves off as misguided sheep. I say, if there is a problem with doctrines being stretched in Evangelicalism, it's because we've never properly accounted for those among us.

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