Monday, March 13, 2006

More proof that God loves irony

This is the view from my backyard. At first glance, it looks like any other backyard in east Mesa. If you look to the distance you'll see the Superstition Mountains. These are about 30 miles from my house.


They are covered with snow.

I had a pretty good clue Friday night we were about to end 143 days without rain in Greater Phoenix when these three things happened:

  • My knees started to hurt like I had broken something
  • Dark clouds moved in
  • My car temperature gauge said it was 42 degrees (and dropping) a 5 p.m.

    It varied between 36 and 40 most of Saturday as a slow drizzle quenched the dry desert. However, Phoenix has an unusually high elevation for desert -- 1,100 feet above sea level -- and I live at about 2,100 feet elevation 45 miles to the east of downtown.

    Snow never came. We fell just short. However, north Scottsdale got blasted. Northern Arizona is used to this stuff. Flagstaff, about 90 miles north and at about 7,100 feet above sea leavel, has a minor ski resort. Us Valley-ites, however, think it's rather novel.

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