Friday, March 24, 2006

The Da Vinci Code book industry

Dan Brown is a rainmaker.

He has personally revived book sales not only with his Da Vinci Code, but for Christian bookstores everywhere who will soon have more anti-Brown and anti-Da Vinci books than they will have space to display them.

Here are some of the 100+ Christian response books already on the shelves:

  • Truth and Fiction in the DVC by Bart Ehrman
  • Cracking Da Vinci's Code by James Garlow
  • The Truth Behind the DVC by Richard Abanes
  • The Real History Behind the DVC by Sharon Newman
  • Breaking the DVC by Darrell L. Bock
  • The DVC: Fact or Fiction by Hank Hanegraaff and Paul L. Maier
  • Discussing the DVC: Exploring the Issues Raised by the Book and Movie by Lee Strobel and Gary Poole
  • The DVC Hoax by Carl E. Olson and Sandra Miesel

    More books are undoubtedly on their way. You've heard of blogstorms? This is a bookstorm.

    No one has to justify to me their right to sell a Christian book. What I find irritating is a big push to have a response to the Da Vinci Code, and I find no one taking advantage of free publishing on the Internet. If this is so important and such a wonderful opportunity to minister the Gospel, why are we trying to extract a dime before giving the information?

    You know, because we want you to know the truth and set the record straight, but not before we collect your $19.99 + tax.

    Update: I would be remiss if I did not point to James White's work on the subject. It's not categorical, and it's by a theologian who revels in argumentation, but it is very sound work, nonetheless.
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