Thursday, March 23, 2006

The 2 millenium time change

I see a lot of unneccessary rising blood pressure in your future. If you were upset about the 10 Commandments in the court-room controversy or the loss of the use of the word Christmas, wait until the latest politically-correct fad arrives at your doorstep.

Theologians not wishing to offend people have been using "Common Era" (CE) and "Before Common Era" (BCE) in place of "Amino Domini" (AD) and "Before Christ (BC). Now it's starting to catch in in academic circles and the media.

The liberals are changing the calendar! Run for the hills! Hide from the black helicopters!

Before firing off 20 blog posts about the decline of the modern culture, think about this. Very few people know that AD is an abbreviation for the Latin phrase, "In the year of our Lord." Maybe a few more people know for what BC is abbreviated. But we're talking a small portion of the world, and some billions don't even use our calendar. Furthermore, Dionysius probably didn't even get the year of Christ's birth right, and was actually likely born in 4 AD.

I'm not sure what we're sacrificing here other than an obscure reference in a dead language and the end of a lot of confusion.

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