Friday, March 24, 2006

Standing on God's (environmental) promises

We say here God loves irony. We also believe God has a sense of humor.

Exhibit A is a Scientific American article that predicts up to 20 feet rise in sea levels over an undetermined time. The problem, they say, is greenhouse gases melting both polar caps at an exponential rate.

You don't have to strain to notice God's message in the accompanying photo. There's a rainbow arching over a melted glacier. In a story predicting global flooding, they include a photo of a rainbow.

We all know what that means, right?

The rainbow is a promise to not destroy all humanity and all the creatures by flood. I suppose this does not preclude flooding the American Gulf Coast, as the story predicts, but the inclusion of the photo struck me as profound.

Scientists in the story want to substantially reduce greenhouse gases the next 10 years to slow or stop polar melting. Even if we had the gumption to give up our cars in America, it would be impossible to do this globally in 10 years. Maybe in 100 years.

Furthermore, it's not clear to me if it's good science to try and prevent polar melting. It happened before without our help.

Pollution presents problems to humans, too, particularly carbon monoxide. What if polar melting is some kind of natural washing machine and cleanser? Nothing clears the air like fresh rain and snow. An influx of a lot of fresh water would replinish our water sources while dilluting contaminination.

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