Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Reflections on six months of wasted bandwidth

When I started blogging regularly back in April, I thought to myself, "This is never going to be something I do on a regular basis." I could not find a niche. I could not think of something new I could bring to the 'sphere:

  • I read general blogs and thought, "Some of these people actually know something about the world." The rest do a great job pretending they do.

  • I read the God blogs and realized there are more techno-savvy Southern Baptists with computers than should be allowed.

  • I read the political blogs and fell asleep trying to figure out why so many conservative bloggers believe they are the only conservative blogger on the planet in a day when non-conservative bloggers are a novelty. Nixon had the "Silent Majority." Reagan had the "Moral Majority." Bush has the blogging "Martyrdom Majority," and I don't think some of them will be satisfied until they're shot dead by a leading Democrat in front of a live feed for Fox News.

  • I read diary blogs and decided the drama u xprncd bcuz u cud not rch Dru and Lexie on thr cl phns lst nite just does not translate to catharsis for the other 6 billion people who aren't intimately involved in your life.

  • I read the media blogs and found it ironic the "MSM" could draw so much criticism from people who are desperately attached to the notion of a 24-hour mainstream media culture.

  • I read the moblogs and did not doubt the veracity of that genre's title. When you witness people with honored titles such as "doctor" and "pastor" be reduced to tossing out disparaging names, the term "mob" is fitting. (Dan's assessment of this situation and subsequent offering "semi-pelagian poopyhead" will forever be honored here as profoundly funny).

    So I decided my role as the self-appointed blogging Gad(d)about would be class clown, court jester, sit-down comedian, pride jouster, bubble burster and general not-so-serious dead end on the highway of serious-minded self-publishers.

    It's not clear whether I've succeeded with my agenda.

    I once compared my writing and this website to Balaam's donkey. I'm not a theologian. I've never been to seminary. I didn't graduate from college. I've never had a book published. I'm just not qualified to speak on much of anything. I don't even come with the donkey's superior credentials. He is, afterall, essentially an OT prophet, and if he were here today he'd have a book deal and speaking tour lined up. But my hope is God speaks through this blog, anyway.

    Once stricken with concern whether I crossed the line of attacking God's chosen, Rob Darden, editor of the Wittenburg Door, assured me that Christian humor -- particularly the kind that pokes fun at mass-media Christianity -- is well within the purview of a Christian's Biblically-ordered goals and objectives.

    I'm not quite sure what Rob's credentials are to justify my work, other than being a very funny guy who happens to know way too much about Gospel music, but I'm going to run with it for now and continue with the original objective.

    God's jokester. Surely there will be a need for one in heaven.
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