Thursday, October 20, 2005

Digital fire and brimstone

Living Waters Publications has brought an old-school evangelism technique to new media: They are confronting readers with their own mortality to lead into a Gospel "test" to determine whether they'd go to heaven or hell.

It's slick and savvy, even if I felt I had returned to Youth Camp Ablaze '76. Oh man, I was certain at 7-years-old that "my time" was right around the corner, and in my denomination you really could never be certain about salvation. Better respond to that altar call ... just in case.

(Yes, I dang near felt compelled to do it again after taking this test).

Another thing I remember about this technique is you don't really talk about how great it will be in heaven. It's really about avoiding hell. Whatever works, I guess, but I have a feeling some people are going to show up at the pearly gates with poor expectations of eternity. And they'll be disappointed to learn all eschatology charts rule out the singing of "Come As You Are" when Jesus returns.

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