Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Charismata or Arcachnophobia?

C-Train comments on his duel with a black widow spider during the early service at Grace Community Church.
As the song was coming to an end I looked down at the hymnal as I was getting ready to close it, just as I looked down I saw a very large black widow spider crawling from the hymnal to my left wrist. This caused me to get the last few words of the hymn wrong, “Still be my Vision, O Ruler of – WHOA MAANN!!”
C-Train won the battle and killed the spider.

He also correctly notes the "spider dance" will suspiciously look like "being filled with the Spirit." I guess both kinds of dancing are prohibited at GCC. However, I think this kind of event might inspire a new bumpersticker:
Pray or Be Prey

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