Monday, October 17, 2005

Props to the people

Quite a few new people are sending traffic my way and I want everyone to know I'm still working on the new and improved Big List of Blogs. It's expanding beyond the God Blogs, so it's taking some time. I'm definitely working to provide some link backs.

In the meantime, some people need some extra attention because either they're new or I've just decided they're way too cool to ignore:

- Brian Colmery needs prayer. He's going to be preaching at one of those big churches on Sunday. My suggestion for Brian: Stick with Luke. You can never go wrong with Luke. It's the book of action, so the Star Wars metaphor factor is greater than 10. However, stay away from the CGI-heavy projecter images.

- Dr. Andrew Jackson at Smart Christian lists me among the large collection of God blogs. I'm not among his regular reads, though, so I suppose I'm safe from highly visible criticism. I hope this blog is never so popular as that one!

- John at Blogotional gave props to my post entry about spiritual maturity. John has one of those blogs you really need to check in on a daily basis. It's interesting, fun, and accessible.

- The anonymous HumbledMan has entered the blogging fray. Being a journalist, anonymity is very rarely positive for me. In the case of a blog about internal struggles, it might be very interesting if the author finds a way to relate to his audience.

- Mike Frizzell at A Pilgrim's Progress has some interesting insight into his departure from the IFB. I'm also fascinated (and honored) to be included among his links. Seeing my name among those other heavy weights ... I feel like the small, community newspaper being listed next to the New York Times and Washington Post.

- Jim Verger is on my new list of daily sites to check. Good stuff there to feed the mind, heart, and soul.

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