Monday, February 27, 2006

Ravenhill en fuego

I often see GodBloggers criticizing others about things that don't matter while calling for revival. I cannot think of another preacher who taught the Church how to seek the Lord for revival better than Leonard Ravenhill.

In this old article entitled Pentecost At Any Cost, I dare you to read it and try and not be either convicted and/or inspired:

Let us remind ourselves again that the early church "moved." In moving, something or somebody must be left behind. The modern Ananias and Sapphira will find the pace too hot and the price too high. To keep the fire of revival burning, we would have to meet together
- daily for prayer and praise. This is what the church in Acts did (Acts 2:42-46).
- daily for breaking of bread. This the early church did.
- daily for prayer. This was their pattern in the early church.
- in the harmony of the Spirit. This was the glow of the first church.

This stringent schedule would be the death of many of our flimsy and unproductive patterns of life. How easily we Christians move along in the light of the lostness of men and their gambling with the certainty of eternal destruction unless they hear and believe. Sloth has seeped into our endeavors. The mesmerism of materialism has almost completely clogged the channel of blessing. We stand condemned.

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