Friday, February 03, 2006

God blogging supergroup

If you've been out of town lately, then let me introduce you to the latest GodBlog making every pastor and wanna-be theologue squeal like a school girl at an Elvis concert: Together for the Gospel.

TG4 is sort of like the Traveling Wilburys of the GodBlogosphere, a theological super group consisting of heavy hitters C.J. Mahaney, Al Mohler, Mark Dever, and Lig Duncan.

Or maybe it’s more like Kansas ... you know, with four lead guitarists.

These men are fine writers and thinkers, but I must be one of the few who finds their mob blog not so fascinating. I think it's because these are also men with very high profiles, and we’re never going to read Mohler blogging to Mahaney, telling him to pull his head out of his backside. Instead, we'll probably get something like this:

"With all due respect, I've read your work and I have great admiration for your position, but I must disagree."


Where’s the tension? Where are the inside jokes that comes with a real mob blog?

I'm being facetious and I'm not encouraging uncivil behavior among Christians. As a reader of many blogs, however, I'm not sure why this "discussion" can't be had on four separate blogs, where they’re not beholden to a single strain of thought.

I also know how pastors talk to each other behind closed doors, and it's infinitely more entertaining than what I read on TG4.

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