Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The new Christian epidemic: Poor sense of humor

One of the great problems in the Church for the past 2,000 years is a very poor sense of humor among those who consider themselves Christians.

Unfortunately, I have no remedy for this, but I do think it's essential that those people who are undeniably unfunny need to be informed of their sickness. It's important so the unfunny will stop telling me bad jokes and forwarding me "cute" e-mail. Here's a simple guidline ...

You might be an unfunny doofus irritating friends, family, and co-workers if ...

  • You've ever put your amateur Photoshop skills to the test by insetting the faces of respectable people in vaguely ironic bodies and poses.

  • You've ever prefaced a joke with, "I know something that will turn that frown upside down."

  • You've ever quoted anything from Reader's Digest or Highlights and expected innocent laughter in return.

  • You "get" prop comedy.

  • You don't understand why grown men can entertain themselves for hours with noisy bodily functions or the mention of the word "booger."

  • You think that little Billy from Family Circus "is a stitch."

  • You've ever been compelled to read out loud the dialogue in a comic strip found in your Bazooka Joe wrapper

  • You anxiously tune in to Jay Leno's monologue each night.

  • You've ever started a joke off with a "You might be" if/then statement.

    If you could measure your words and consider the pain and agony of those not afflicted, I would appreciate it. At the very least, please take me off your forwarding list.
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