Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I'm the lazy blogger Tim warned you about

Tim Challies reflects on two years of non-stop blogging, and proceeds to take a GodBlogger-style swipe at friendlies JollyBlogger, Adrian Warnock and Dan Edelen as being lazy.

In honor of lazy bloggers everywhere, I will become the trueembodiment of lazy blogging and simply post links to other bloggers who are actually producing interesting original content:

  • Dan challenges bloggers to embrace lazy blogging and become doers of the Word.
  • Brad takes on politicos and the centrality of the Gospel.
  • Brian writes about becoming the pastor of a new church plant. (We'll all be amazed if he can maintain his blog, I think)
  • Jared cracks me up with a Halloween recap.
  • Jason shares the real (and perhaps too rare) thrill of being a pastor.
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