Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Chick flicks for the dudes

Tomorrow is my third wedding anniversary. We're broke from the move, so we're doing with something simple in celebration: a night of chick flicks.

Now before my guy readers sneak off to laugh at me, let it be known that I am an outstanding judge of chick flicks. I have already made sure these movies cannot be shown while I'm in the room: Beaches, anything that combines director John Hughes with Molly Ringwald or Andrew McCarthy, or any movie where someone dies from a long bout of cancer (except My Life or My Life As A House, which are right up there with Brian's Song for movies where it's acceptable for a guy to cry at the end).

I should receive an award for my ability to pick movies for my wife's feminine sensibilities without reaching too far into the drum of syrup. Tommorow night my wife and I will enjoy:

  • Raising Helen: I don't know which part charms me more: when Pastor Dan proclaims "I'm a sexy man of God and I know it," or when Pastor Dan tells Helen her kids can go to his Lutheran school as soon as their Lutheran credentials are determined by a blood test.

  • The Princess Bride: It's incontheivable that any American under the age of 40 has not seen this movie. Disney only dreams of writing movies with this kind of wit and broad appeal. And the guys, too.

  • Something the Lord Made: One of my wife's favorite movies and proof there really is a rapper (Mos Def) with considerable acting ability.

    Toss in home-cooked meal and some caramel popcorn, and I think I'm going to be pretty popular for awhile.

    UPDATE: I forgot to mention my wife will be able to sub out any of these movies for Muriel's Wedding or Say Anything, but I think we've worn these out. She will not be allowed to put in Love Actually, a charming movie that is better saved for Christmas. I'm still up in the air with About A Boy; Hugh Grant has a declining rate or return for me, and I think we've filled up our Hugh Grant consumption this past month.
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