Thursday, November 03, 2005

Handicapping the GodBlogs

Jared posted a snappy little list of odds over at The Thinklings. He has established betting numbers on established bloggers doing the unexpected in the near future, which, for you alcohol-impaired readers, is called irony, which has nothing to do with your laundry.

Or paedobaptism.

If you're not familiar with Jared, he writes every blog in existence. Except this one, of course, which is why we are allowed to fly under the radar and take jabs at other bloggers without offense. I'm not Jared, but I'm going to play Jared on this blog today:

  • Jared reveals he is really James L. Brooks and posts under a pseudonym at BHT. 150:1

  • John admits he had a bizzare chemical accident years ago that gave him the superhuman ability to see through liberal political spin. 10:1

  • Mike writes his masterpiece blog entry which helps all of us distinguish skubalon from Shinola. Even

  • Brad joins Jim Wallis and the Sojurners. 800:1, down from 1000:1

  • iMonk resigns from his post and travels the country with vagabond Third Day groupies. 200:1

  • Brian starts requesting a third extra shot of espresso. 2:1

  • Dan creates new VH1 pop-culture show "I Love the First Century." 20:1

  • Adrian tells a joke. 5:2

  • James tells a joke. No line
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