Thursday, July 07, 2005

Song for the day

Was dwelling on Adrian Warnock's post and, I don't really know why, but it lead me back to thanking God for the Cross. We all deserve to die, yet He chose to save us by dying to the Cross Himself. When the world is crumbling around us, we still have hope in that which leads to eternal life. I've been playing (and singing with) this Brenton Brown worship song all day long:

Even when we turned our backs on You
In wickedness and lies suppressed Your truth
Even then You showed Your love for us
Giving up Your life upon the Cross

Jesus thank You for the Cross
For the blood that sets us free
The crimson stain of all our sin
Washed away in Your mercy

Enemies of God with no excuse
Knowing what was right we turned from You
Given up to sin condemned to die
Even then You chose to give us life

Everyone of us deserves to die
But You save all who hope
In Your great love

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