Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The basis of my theology

Not kidding, my first introduction to classical theology -- theology that can only be studied while listening to classical violins and violas -- was via the Wittenburg Door. It was sort of like being trained for NASCAR by playing MarioKart for Nintendo.

It was 16 years ago this month when a 28-year-old pastor with no wife or girlfriend took me, a 20-year-old wanna-be know-it-all, into his back office so he could have someone with which to share a pithy Top 10 list called "Top 10 Signs Your Son Is Turning Into A Methodist."

While it was painfully clear my pastor needed a girlfriend, I've been hooked on the Door ever since. It took me another 12 years to find a suitable wife. That magazine should come with a warning label.

If you don't quite get the appeal of the Door, or if you are totally alien to the "World's Pretty Much Only Religious Satire Magazine," click through the links. If you want to be able to speak to me on my level, you should study these terms.

I'm still anxiously awaiting when my first ever submission to the magazine will be published. I'm told it may be the next issue, but probably by the end of the year. That's the kind of treatment us writers get for signing zero-net contracts. In the meantime, check out this. It looks like something right up Michael Spencer's alley.

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