Thursday, July 28, 2005

Around the Blogosphere

There's some good non-PyroManiac related blogging out there if you can find it. Here's some help:

Heidi Metcalf has been doing a series on sex trafficking in the Third World at Common Grounds Online. This is not something to read over morning coffee. It's something that requires a time for prayer, because it will crush your heart as the heinous sin of men is revealed in her expose: Sex and Labor Sells; Would You Sell Your Daughter?; Where is God Amidst Human Trafficking; and A Theology of Hope in the Face of Evil. If you're having difficulty coming to grips with the depravity of man, there should be no doubt after reading these articles. Side note: This is not meant to condemn the Third World. All are depraved, even those who pay their taxes, wave their American flags, and vote Republican. Sometimes, especially those who pay their taxes, wave their American flags, and vote Republican.

Bob at Mr. Standfast and Brad at Broken Messenger have been blogging about the fullness of God -- more Bob than Brad, who has also been working really hard to get through some timeless and eternally valuable stuff. Bob has one of the more entertaining blog rolls. He lists his God Blogs by Bible verse. By his assessment, I am a Col 3:2 blogger. As I mentioned to him the other day, I'm thankful he didn't consider me a Gal 5:12 blogger. I personally think I'm more of a Num 22:29-30 blogger: Sometimes I'm Balaam, sometimes I'm the donkey.

Mike at Eternal Perspectives confesses he is a blogaholic. He then goes on to announce a commitment to a few number of blogs he will read and more personal and targeted blog posts. No more blog waving for Mike. As ashift in the sand this blog can often be, I'm guessing The Gad(d)about is not going to be a regular stop. However, I promise to always check out Mike's stuff, because he always has something interesting to say. And Mike, really, there's not going to seminary in heaven, right?

Adrian Warnock is challenging his readers to work through Galations and answer some preacherly type questions. I would, Adrian, but I'd just end up repeating what Luther already said.

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