Saturday, July 02, 2005

Drum geek extra

Dan's got me thinking drums again, and that inevitably leads me to Vinnie Colaiuta. I remember I had this QuickTime clip from the solo at the end of the first Buddy Rich Memorial concert. This is the one where Steve Gadd, Dave Weckl, and Vinnie play the root beat to Gadd's "Crazy Army" while "trading fours" between the three. To this day, it is the most amazing drum solo I've ever seen.

You can view a 9-second clip of Vinnie here.

Technical note: The impressive part of this solo is Vinnie resists the urge to throw in double-pedal notes. This is clearly a display of geek-technique for the cameras and and the audience. These are the patented "hands-to-right-foot" volleys Vinnie stole from Tony Williams (and perhaps much of the phrasing style from Terry Bozzio). When Vinnie is playing the "Vinnie stuff," it sounds remarkably like this most of the time. However, as a "Vinnie-head," I can tell the exchange between the left-hand and right foot falls a little flat, creating something of a slight flamming effect. Only a drummer would notice, though. =)


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