Thursday, January 26, 2006

Lost in the GodBlogosphere

It seems the TV show Lost is inspiring a lot of deep thought these days, and the show's enjoyment for Christians is a mixed blessing.

Brian at Sycamore is a little disturbed by his own anxiousness with the show. It has caused him to reflect on more weighty matters. I’m thinking Brian is positioning himself to be Dan’s understudy. This post has that wild-eyed, 40-days-in-the-wilderness feel to it. Brian, if your skin is glowing, either you’re wearing the glory of God or your computer is too close to the window.

Recently re-Thinkled De objected to the show’s dialogue in which one of the characters stated Jesus was cleansed of his sins when John the Baptist dunked him in the water. Then De backs down and comments on how one looks past stupid television theology on shows that are otherwise entertaining.

Speaking of Jesus and sin, Mike at Eternal Perspectives has an interesting run on the topic of the paradoxical duality of Jesus in the flesh. Was Jesus capable of sin but more capable of resisting sin, or was He just incapable of sin? I personally focus on the duality. Since Jesus was fully man, I am inclined to believe His flesh was just as capable of weakness as ours. He did bleed. He did suffer pain. He did die in the flesh as we all will, the punishment for original sin. However, Jesus was also fully God, so his flesh was never tainted with impurity. His heart never wavered, his flesh never indulgent for a moment.

And just in case you haven’t thought long and hard enough about the problem of sin, Brad at Broken Messenger has done a lot of the leg work for us.

I’m going to go play some Big Mouth Bass fishing at Shockwave now and try and cool the motor on my brain …

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