Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Pet peeve alert!

I took the afternoon off from work and, as the wife is laid up in bed with an illness, my time ended up being poorly spent in front of the television. Three things within a span of two hours set me off. I turned off the TV in anger:

- Malcolm X was running on HBO. I have great respect for the man, as well as this filmmaker, Spike Lee. However, the debate between Malcolm X and the prison chaplain begs the obvious: What seminary did this chaplain go to that taught him that Jesus was white? What profane seminary professor would teach anyone that God is white? Perhaps this is an exaggerated portion of the story. All historical and biographical movies and books have them to establish an understanding about a character in a time frame much shorter than real life. This seemed to go too far, though. It implied this was a general understanding of ALL Christians of that day, and it's simply not true. Unless this chaplain bought into the bogus Arian theology of Anglo-Israelism, I'm just going to put this blame squarely on Spike Lee. For the record, Jesus in the flesh was a Hebrew. That made him "olive" or "golden skinned." The Bible is pretty clear that God is genderless, and Jesus wore the only flesh a Person of God ever wore. Side commentary: Those that assign a skin color or gender of any kind do more harm to the cause of social justice than the good they think they're doing. It's no longer Biblical theology, it's pop-theology, retro-fitted to suit the cause of the day. That's not delivering the Word, without which there is no justice!

- Some pop-commentator on yet another pop-culture feedback show made yet another bad reference to "money is the root of all evil." Ugh! This might be my all-time pet peeve. 1 Tim 6:10 says the love of money is the root of all evil. It's about your heart, people. It's much deeper than this flesh-beating humanitarinism disguised as Christianity.

OK, maybe it was two things, but I ranted hard enough on the first one to include my own personal frustration with the gender warfare in attempting to redefine the Person of God.

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