Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I have NOT left the building

I am currently a real estate mogul-in-training, so my father hasn't released me to have my own computer and desk yet. Maybe sometime next week. In the meantime, my brother has loaned me a 1-year-old laptop that has more viruses than a refugee camp. I'm debugging, defragging, and generally deleting junk I didn't even know existed. My early diagnosis is its terminal. This is par for the course for any machine my brother touches. If you ever wonder who's brave enough to download that malware cursor icon program, I know the most common victim.

Posting should pick up more next week. I also owe John @ Blogotional a "Seven Sevens" meme. That's in my que, it's just not finished yet.

I also owe my good friends, Rob and John A., an e-mail. Apologies, fellas. Lots of personal updates not fit for print on my blog. Lots of changes around here. I hope to get it to you by this weekend.

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