Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The Humor Driven Life

The Top 10 rejected book titles for Rick Warren's latest best-seller:

10. Robots for Jesus
9. Get Off Your Butt And Do Something For Jesus, You Aimless Slacker
8. Yuppies Will Inherit The Earth
7. Jehovah Never Sleeps And Neither Should You
6. How To Paraphrase the Bible
5. The Obsessive-Compulsive Driven Life
4. The Purpose Of This Book: To Promote My Other Books
3. Applied Dronery For Building Your Mega Church
2. Jesus Could've Used Some Pointers
1. The Self-Fulfilled Life: Who Really Needs The Holy Spirit?

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Aron Gomez said...

THAT is funny. I'll make sure it makes the rounds here on campus.

anonymous said...

Good to see you, the lazy reporter, have your double-edged pen ready to slay a Christian leader that is acting on the very kinds of ideals you espouse below. What a hypocrite!

Gaddabout said...

You know you laughed and now you're just feeling ashamed. I'm not out to slay Rick Warren or his credibility. There are a few Christians who think Warren's books are canon that need a good whacking with a copy of Bob George's Classic Christianity, though.

Ferdinand T. Cat said...

Even if Jesus thinks Rick Warren is God's gift to the faith, he did have a sense of humor (witness the incident of the SyroPhoenician woman).

Anonymous said...

You suck! Go Kings!