Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Around the Blogdom: Glenn Beck blogstorm

Glad to see I wasn't the only one to jump on this:

Michael Hidalgo, Lead Pastor at Denver Community Church, seems to share a perspective with me.

Jeffery Joseph at Turn Off Fox -- no surprise -- provides some strong historical background on the term "social justice" while proselytizing to Christians to, well, turn off Fox.

Dr. Richard Beck at Experimental Theology gets all Biblical and stuff.

Bill Cork at Advent Hope points out the other, misguided side who borrow the term "social justice," and reminds Beck of his own Mormon history of theocratic design. Ouch.

The folks at New Evangelical Partnership for the Common Good are passing the plate in hopes of raising money to counter-attack Beck.

Brian Kiley at Live Generously just decides to pray for Beck's salvation. What a radical.

Good ol' Scot McKnight of Jesus Screed goes New Testament on Beck's backside. Call the Overman Committee, I think we have ourselves a Nah-zee.

John Hummel at Between the Bits thinks Beck has revealed a Mormon's true heart. Meh. I'm not going there. I'll leave that stuff to this guy.

Still waiting to find a credible defense of Beck's statement. And waiting. And waiting. And waiting ...

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Andrew said...

I havent heard any credible ones, but their are plenty of Christians siding with Beck.