Thursday, September 29, 2005

Reinventing Jesus in our own image

In case you missed it, Phillip Johnson the Pyro fires a shot at an e-mailer who trumpets the cause of fringe evangelists.

I like what PJ has to say, but I think it can be said in more simple terms:

Jesus doesn't need an extreme makeover, because He has always transcended time, space, and culture. Where the Father sends His spirit, no concession need be made. Those whom the Father has called need nothing less and nothing more than the unconditional Gospel.

If Jesus the man was ordinary looking, made no effort to distinguish his characteristics, and required an angel for his own cousin to identify him as the Messiah, I take that to mean fashion statements were not big on his agenda. I don't really care if your into pinstripes or piercings, but if it's how you define your faith, I'd like to send you back to the historical Jesus that needed only to distinguish himself by his words and his actions.

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