Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Finding a new role

I've performed many duties in my church since 1989. I started as the worship band drummer -- the only drummer for for the first eight years, playing every service Sunday morning, Sunday night and Wednesday night. Before we had our own building about three years into our existence, I helped set up and tear down in the hotels we rented. I twice served as the college/career pastor, and spent off/on status on a variety of ministry teams. A couple of times I flirted with finishing some kind of bible school certification program and planting a church, but work always got in the way.

After two years in the wilderness, I've returned and the landscape of my church is very different. They are no longer looking to fill gaps. They have four drummers, all of them very capable. The ministries hum with efficiency, with redundant leadership in most roles. These days there are usually more members of the ministry team than their are people who are seeking ministry. Planting a church seems far down the road as long as maintaining medical benefits remains so essential.

I don't really know how to fit in right now, so I'm going to do what I was taught: I'm going to find places to serve. Assuming I can get out of the office at a reasonable time, I'm going to help pack bags for Saturday's mission outreach. I'll probably go with the team on the outreach, too.

It's an interesting time. I'm used to leading here. I can't wait to find out what role God has for me in this new circumstance.

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